I’ve been living with dyslexia for seventy-three years, and I fight the disease every day. The trick is to not let it get on top of you – be positive.

With today’s technology, you can get around it. People with dyslexia are very smart people even though they cannot read and write properly. You’ll be very good at other things. Don’t be afraid to let people know that you’ve got dyslexia because when you do, it will be a lot easier to deal with. Lots of people in Australia have it, and instead of dealing with it, they try to hide it.

In the past seventy-three years, I’ve been hiding the fact that I have a chronic case of dyslexia. My wife discovered my secret, and she started putting two and two together. When I was driving and we were coming up to the street, I said I would turn right, but instead, I would turn left. She would always get annoyed.

She said to me, ‘Pat, I think you have dyslexia, and I think we should read up on it’. Now I have no secret. She knows, and with the help of my wife, it is a lot easier.

With dyslexia, you’ll never be able to spell properly. You’ll never pronounce words properly. You’ll read in a different way. But dyslexia doesn’t affect mathematics. With dyslexia, your brain works twenty-four hours a day, solving problems.