About the Book

The story of a boy growing up through hardships, not knowing that he suffered with Dyslexia not realizing why he was unable to keep up with schoolwork, always being bullied and ridiculed.

Struggling in life and achieving great heights even though he had plenty disappointments, he always amazed people around him. This true-life story is about a boy with very little education and becoming the CEO and always hiding his identity.

Story will take you through the life he led, the ups and downs and the concealments of his life story.

Stories of my life as a child migrating from Motticella Calabria Italy, to Footscray Melbourne Australia, together with my family.

The hardships my family went through in Australia. Four years after our arrival, my mother became a widow with no support and hardly any money.

Dyslexia had a big influence on my life.

With the recession, we had to have and the downfall of my business.

The greatest achievements …meeting with some exciting politicians and being invited to the Celebration of his Majesty the Emperor of Japan Birthday, party …becoming a candidate in the Federal elections in the Palmer United party.